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America, John Decker And White House discussed on Outdoorsman Radio Show


Former vice president Joe Biden it's crunch time Biden's when depending on longstanding support from black voters especially in South Carolina to act as a firewall for his campaign what if he doesn't do well here in Nevada it could shake that supports nearly a third Nevada's population is Latino and Biden expressed hopes a diverse electorate will produce different results but Biden's heels on Biden's hills rather is former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has pitched himself as a moderate Biden alternative and was surging in the polls before shaky debate performance on Wednesday senator Bernie Sanders didn't waste a chance to put a spotlight on that in a sixty minutes interview airing on Sunday boxes Jacqui Heinrich the election comes at a critical moment for the party as self described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders emerges as a front runner president trump is set to visit India for the first time as president president and Mrs trump leave tomorrow on an official two day visit to India an invitation extended to the president by Indian prime minister Moti during the visit the president will pay tribute to the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi president and Mrs trump will also tour the iconic Taj Mahal in addition the president will meet with top business leaders of India as part of the C. E. O. round table India is now America's eighth largest trading partner in goods and services and is among the world's largest economies India has a trade surplus with the U. S. and the president has spoken often of the two countries reaching a trade deal at the White House John decker fox news Pakistani security forces say five suspected militants were killed in an overnight raid two other militants were arrested in a separate operation and stocks were down Friday now dropping two.

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America, John Decker And White House discussed on Outdoorsman Radio Show

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