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President Donald Trump tells sports commissioners he is hopeful NFL season will open on time


Will the White House says the president spoke with commissioners of the country's sports leagues in a conference call Saturday and told them he recognizes the good work being done by many teams and players the care for their communities and fans dealing with the new coronavirus she called on them to continue efforts to support their fellow Americans during this current challenge a wide range of sports league officials took part in the call including NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as well as NBA commissioner Adam silver president trump believes the NFL season will start on time September tenth with fans in those seats we have to open our country again we want to be doing this for months and months and months would open our country again this country wasn't meant for this if you were if you were but we have to open our country again they want to get back they got to get back I can't do this this sports were designed for the whole concept of our nation wasn't designed for women have to get back we want to get back soon very soon Adam Schefter on the practicality of that hope Donald Trump had a conference call with major commissioners in multiple sports that started at noon eastern today and in that call president trump told them that he believes the NFL season should start on time in September now again that's great that he thinks that and it's great to be ones that we all want that the truth is is that practical and real can we really make that happen and I don't know that anybody can answer that question we're gonna need it all clear and I don't know whether that's a vaccine or treatment or testing that is done on people before they walk into stadiums but the world as we know it is changing in the world that we know is going to be a very different place and so it's great that president trump watch football to resume in September we don't but we just don't know how practical in real that is at this point time and probably will not for quite some time trump's view of the NFL came during the call including executives from a host of sports leagues as I mentioned NFL NBA Major League Baseball the PGA tour NASCAR among them it was one league executive that apparently was not on the call which is puzzling to Taylor Twellman how do you have the NBA WNBA Major League Baseball NFL NHL PGA UFC WWE NASCAR Major League Soccer and you don't have mark Emmert the NCAA on thank you this is what this is why it's so difficult for me to be optimistic for longer than five minutes because the moment I use my brain and start thinking about who's doing the advice who's giving me advice who's talking what's real news what's fake news and whatnot your love said okay well then what's the truth it's going to come out ten hours later or the next day twenty hours it's just a that's why I'm struggling with it all yeah as far as trump's optimism or hope that games in the NFL and beyond will be played sometime soon Myron Medcalf on game day does not see the same picture one I'm Alex everyone it seems wants to be helpful at this juncture in a bigger an ideal world football would start on time college football football you'll be able to come back but I don't see the path to that method that to me is the thing that everyone's wrestling with theirs I think you have a lot of power brokers who feel like they have the power to to move forward but until we get the green light to put people in stadiums and to get things back rolling again I'm not sure how it happened and it just feels like we're on two different paths where you got out of the hopeful leaders who want to get things going again but the reality of feels like with everything we've seen just in the last month it's it's hard for me to look for to think that everything will be normal this fall all of these ideas are the kind of a did you come up with when you want to get around the current circumstance but I just don't know how realistic any of that is you know how do you get everybody in one place and minimize risk I mean that to me is the thing what do you deal with a hundred people or seventy thousand can you tell them that they're safe you know I don't know how anybody gets to that point in general with the snow out of the country but I do think the NBA and NFL all these leagues considering the money on the line will exhaust every opportunity every option before they say we can't go forward but it just it just doesn't feel like anything is realistic about NFL and college football starting on time at this point Adam Schefter also reporting high level officials from multiple teams are preparing for a virtual draft from their homes a final decision is pending on teams holding the draft at team facilities according to league sources the draft will be held again on time April twenty third it starts with the biggest event of the leaves off field calendar originally scheduled for a lavish affair Las Vegas Roger Goodell said the league wide memo on March twenty six that was unanimous unequivocal the draft would go on as scheduled despite the corona virus pandemic and that has disrupted most of this nation shifter on how this pandemic the will impact the league's bottom line nobody knows exactly how to handle the and so I don't think the owners are any different and the owners now have to be going through their minds are wondering if their business model ever hold up again does it all look this year one of the few to ratifications okay first and foremost you want to make sure that our country safe of course that that is a priority before talking just from a business football perspective and with the owners of thinking there then I think they got to be concerned tremendously concerned we don't know that there's going to be football we hope there is we don't know that we don't know what form that football will take we hope it's as it was hard to imagine that's the case so we would sit back and wait for answers we wait for more widespread testing for the development of a vaccine for something that enables our world to get back on track it's derailed medically it's derailed financially it's derailed economically it's Terrell in so many ways the world has been turned upside down yeah one of the key factors here is the fact that if one state doesn't allow a team of representatives to go to their facility then the leave will not allow any any of the other teams that have their draft at their facility so we'll see how it plays out again April twenty third the draft will be on time that's Thursday night and it will go through Saturday the twenty

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President Donald Trump tells sports commissioners he is hopeful NFL season will open on time

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