A Message From Inside John's Closet. I Mean Office.


It's the world depression. I'm John Mel. That theme song by Red Miller was played off the tiny Mac computer that I have here in my new office which is formerly known as the closet in my bedroom and my wife set up this nice little office. She cleared off a little shelf. I'll send you some pictures and over here on the facebook page and Yeah this is where I work now. I don't know how long I will be working in this closet. But that's just the way it is and rather than try to build a studio with perfect soundproofing and and get all the Mike Equipment that I need to make everything perfect. I thought I would just do this. I'm talking into my iphone It's a it's an IPHONE X. Are I believe and I have my little computer here? And we're making do with what we have because that's kind of the spirit of the Times right now. We are in a I. Guess a porn teen not really quarantined in our house. Because everybody's feeling fine. We are allowed to leave the house but as a society were being told to kind of stay away from each other in in meat space but in the world of bits in the world of computer transmitted thing he's We can still can still talk. I can still talk to you and I thought maybe I should because this is a tough time. If you're depressed I mean also another tough time. If you're depressed is all the time but this is kind of something else What we've been going through and I want to talk a little bit about the the brain shape the whole thing rather than getting into the epidemiology or the economic ramifications of this. Both of which are are very very complicated and very large. But I wanNA talk about our minds a little bit and I wanted just Reach out to people who are dealing with anxiety and or depression already and talk about what that's like in these circumstances because for me. I'm not going off script here. I'm just I'm just here in my closet talking to my phone as a man is want to do for me. What's interesting about this whole thing? Is that it mirrors. How a lot of us saw the world already. We saw it as this thing. This place where something bad is always about to happen. The way anxiety tends to process itself and processed. The unknown is to raise to the worst possible thing that might happen and and use that human imagination and then conclude the. That's the thing that probably will happen. And it usually guides you to an impossible place guides you to a situation that you wouldn't be able to handle and it's a real bastard for doing that but that's often what it does and the depressed mind to kind of things. Well how will this? What will happen will always be the thing that has no hope and the thing that most closely relates to despair you know the the the grim ending that that we think is is almost certainly always on the way. I have heard from some people who say yeah. You know this. This is what we've always thought this you know. We're we're dealing with this virus down. We don't know what the future is doesn't look like it's going to wipe out humanity itself but it looks like it's going to cause a lot of problems and it's going to cause a lot of deaths and right now there's a lot of uncertainty so in many ways the world is fleshed out the way that people like us have always kind of seen it. I have heard from some people who say yeah. You know it's it's oddly reassuring that I can say look. This is how I told you it was going to be. This is this is how it was This is how what was going on in my mind already You know it's it's It's like finding a monster under your bed after suspecting that there was a monster under your bed just looking down there and seeing a monster who is wearing a shirt that says monster on it. You know it's kind of a relief to know that you had it right but then there is also the monster to deal with but really I think it's a it's a dangerous time Because people with depression people with anxiety disorder don't have the same reserves as the normies as the people who don't have to deal with this kind of thing you know we've been we've had reached down deep for survival for so long. There's no deep left to to reach down into. We don't have the reserves. The army's have the reserves and we don't and so what are we to do well in the same way that the normies can kind of just adapt People who have these kinds of issues Have to make a plan to adapt like to a lot of people. Challenges are just okay. It's a challenge. I'll just do this. We sometimes need a bit more of a plan. We need to make sure that we're doing okay And I'm not a doctor. Obviously not a therapist. I've just done a lot of reading and talking and writing about these issues and I will remind you of a few things. I've talked about this on twitter already but a few things facts there are so much information in speculation and rumor out there in the world right now things that neighbors say two neighbors and things you overhear things maybe you misunderstood get facts go to the CDC website There's a great ongoing blog on ars. Technica called. Don't panic which is also nice reference to Douglas. Adams went up my nerds. So get facts wherever possible Social media another point here point number. Two social media is a fire hose sue. Don't put it in your mouth. There's so much information coming at you. Most of it is just the screaming of the people who are writing it sometimes. It's morbid humor sometimes. It's there's a different agenda play. Go sparingly on it and if somebody is causing hesitation and you don't think you need it then turn it off you know. Unfaithful them mute them blocked them. Just take them away. You don't owe anything to anybody in that space. If I'm if you follow me and I'm saying upsetting things. Please follow me. Do what you need to do. You don't know anybody anything number three. It's okay to take breaks. This crisis does not need your constant attention unless you are an epidemiologist urologist in which case please pay attention that for most of the rest of us. It's okay to go for a walk. It's okay to pet the dog. It's okay to watch a movie go ahead and do it It will let you know that there is a greater world than just thinking about this virus all the time number four and this is the one I've been holding onto the most is if you're working from home if your kid home from school when you'd really rather be with your friends if you're a college student home from school you're helping. Please know that you're helping everything that we do all this. Sacrifice and inconvenience is the right thing to do to help society so often in a in a war scenario global crisis scenario. We think out there was something I could do. I feel so helpless. Well stay home. You know be practical. Maybe order the things that you need online but don't do a bunch of crazy shopping. Keep the system moving more efficiently for people trying to get their basic food and medical needs provided but nothing. You're helping

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