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Bad A** Women with Strong Emotions



I feel like beyond say specifically I think I would say it was a pretty casual fan until her specifically her album lemonade. I think she had a self titled Album. Right before that came out before lemonade That was also her first visual album. Which means that she released like a music video for every single Track on that album and I remember watching that and I think I I think I was in college like my first or second year college at that point and I watched it and I remember thinking like oh. This is really cool. I love this concept of having like a visual album and I liked quite a bit of Songs on that album. Listen to them a lot. And that was kind of my first introduction. I think when I truly what do they call? It became a beyond say Stan was when lemonade came out And this was also a visual visual album. And she came out with like an entire movie basically That had a music video for every single and they were all cut together and it is to this day. One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen and it has some of the most raw and emotional like the whole album is this journey about her Suspecting that her husband which is famously Jay Z. In the beginning of the end the first few songs are like she thinks he might be cheating on her and she's like questioning that and then it's like goes to the entire process of her finding out that he's cheating her being so like angry and like deeply her emotional on the net has songs about them like working through that and her trying to still be with him and make their marriage work moved to the healing process and truly. I remember listening to him. Being like this is the most powerful and like raw and emotional album. I have ever heard and I think that's really what made me fall in love with beyond say and I still to this day and super obsessed with lemonade and I would encourage anyone to listen to it. definitely with all that stuff in mind that I just said and watch the movie limited because it's beautiful and I love it so much. Npr named lemonade the sixth best album ever main. Bhai a woman I truly like. I can't even express their time. I will and I've Nev- one. Never let's here's some self disclosure guys never been in. Love never been cheated on and I truly have like never felt like so many feelings listening to an album and just like the pain in her voice and then like the anger and I just feel like she goes through so many emotions in that album and I think like as a woman. This might get a little bit like too much for you guys but I feel like we're Allowed to like feel certain feelings and be open about them and in this album shoes just so raw of being like no I can be so angry and so upset or I can be like so sad or like. I don't know unjust also moving through this whole forgiveness in this idea of like. How do we work through relationships and move and just the idea of her being so willing to be open about all that is incredibly like powerful to me so I think vulnerability is any storytelling? It doesn't matter what story you're telling when somebody opens up and becomes vulnerable to you. It creates this connection between the person presenting the story and the person who's receiving the source the story and I don't know what it is about human nature but that's just how we've always told store or how we've always connected through stories and the most powerful stories are when we're vulnerable I Yeah I think that's amazing that she's able to convey all of those emotions in and I mean let's just be real it. Also slaps is that what the kids are saying now? Yeah that's what the user saying but yeah it's also like a great just fun album. Emotional Alba I still like gets me go. And there's like certain lines where all like I listened to it recently where I'm just like. Sonic is like so good like that is something. I've literally said out loud in my car to myself after like a song plays and I'm just like that's really good stuff and it's still just blows my mind to this day. Don't even come out. Probably like what three or F- maybe in four years ago. Now it's Benham at one eight sixteen so that's our came out and so specifically I mean I definitely think like I said her self titled One beyond say which was also a visual album is really good and has some pretty like raw motion all songs that I still like super love to but I think ultimately lemonade is what like really sold it for me and yeah so go watch it. I have a copy of it. You can come here and watch it. This is an invitation to anyone. Anyone I can convert to the beyond say phantom so does beyond beyond say phantom have a name. Yeah they're the bay hive the Beehive Beehive. She should do like a bunch of shows in Utah. Which you know is the beehive state. Yeah right makes sense. Yeah I read a tweet the other day. That was like if you're having a hard day. Just remember that somewhere someplace. Beyonce's probably making new music and she could release at any moment and we don't even know it and that truly gave me great comfort because her last. I think both lemonade album before that she released with like no Promo and no like advertising or lead up. She disliked dropped them and it was like. Here's a brand new album. And then everyone was like okay. This is the ball you know when you are beyond say you can do that. Yeah it's great so I want to say every day. I don't know if she's still does or if she sold it off but she used to be the CO owner of title which was a music streaming service. Yeah and So I mean when you own a music streaming service you could just be like my music there. Go SIGN UP AND LISTEN TO IT. I think also when you have like beyond say is huge like when you have that type of. I don't know career like yeah you can't you don't need promotion beyond say like listen. You don't need to have weeks of advertisements leading up or a

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