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Bloody jets continue try to


Report to come to terms are former Panthers guard Greg van roten on a three year deal thirty year old started twenty seven games combined in the last two seasons also concerns the guard center Josh Andrews a twenty eight year old but in the end it all five seasons played twenty five games with the eagles and colts but it's never started a game day greens also released corner Daryl Roberts who started ten games form last year they brought in safety and special teamer marquee Christian house where the raiders reportedly at wide receiver Nelson haggle or what would say the nickel Leary Gordon side the Seahawks have offered you gave me on Clowney eighteen and a half million per season we still looking for north of twenty million purpose and the culturally veteran backup Brian Hoyer coated nineteen continues to expand its tentacles a second I thought it was senators players test positive the only known cases thus far in the NHL ever cultures do point guard Trey Jones the ACC player of the year will enter the NBA draft WFAN remind you that older adults or those who have other serious chronic health conditions

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Bloody jets continue try to

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