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Erin's been making the rounds obviously he's pumped up about having Tom Brady there but still that's not the issue


Sixty six the number to call V. Bruce Arians comments today regarding Tom Brady you know ed being able to still throw the deep ball I agree with that the problem is and we've been talking about this last couple of days here what Tom Brady the problem is the offense of line it's not that Brady can't throw the deep ball I think Tom Brady could still throw the ball very well Hey miss on a couple throws if you watch him last year in the wild card game to watch and toward the end of the year fine book Ariens coming out talking about Brady being able to sort through the people that's not the question the question is are you going to be able to protect him enough to throw the deep ball to allow police to develop down the field that's not what Tom Brady is done the majority last couple years everything's been get the ball out of his hand quickly able to bucs offense of line I would think it's going to need to be the same you're not going to rule him out you're not going to move him around the way the James Winston could move around so I'm not sure what Arians is talking about exactly yep ready could still deeply I get I think Bruiser and sometimes out to lunch he's lost how about the idea of these calling people called a couple teams talking about Jameis Winston James you know he's a guy I think you should definitely look at Bruce who are you kidding dole sells all the because he actually went on in the same interview I think was a podcast it was rich Eisen or something I forget the exact there to solve the quotes on Twitter knife with sorry for my credit the proper thing but I think I'm pretty sure was a podcast was either yeah I don't was damp Patrick rich Eisen one of those guys I thought but anyway he was talking about from if a warrant for Tom Brady well we had teddy Bridgewater as well and I've worn for them then we would have a James wants them back okay so who is your third option he was your third option and you try to call their teams so you definitely think you should take this guy well they should take this guy come on who are you kidding Bruce I'm rooting hard against the Buccaneers this year not unlike the books anyway but I'm rooting hard again I'm not a big Bruce Ariens fans never really have been

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Erin's been making the rounds obviously he's pumped up about having Tom Brady there but still that's not the issue

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