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Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia
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Trump, Deborah Berke And Dr Anthony Fauci discussed on Dr. Wendy Walsh

Dr. Wendy Walsh
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Have everything we need to put the health of America first we'll see you back here tomorrow thank you all you have been listening to a news briefing of the coronavirus task force a meeting at the White House I'm Brian Curtis this is Bloomberg daybreak Asia my colleague Kathleen Hayes to Chris and and Baxter will join me in a moment let me just summarize a few of the key points before I bring in my colleague Sir the president started off with a summary of the G. twenty teleconference call to the U. S. is working with these countries to coordinate efforts he did talk about a a loud mouth leader at the G. twenty but we did not learn who that was perhaps that will emerge a little bit later the president said again we have to get back to work in the country he said we are not passed the worst and he was asked about the jump in jobless claims he said it is nobody's fault he criticized fake news and it was interesting exchange in there about we don't need a backup we need a Tom Brady that line was supposedly attributed to the Washington governor Jay Inslee and if we have some time we'll talk about that he said that the hospital ship comfort will be in New York City on Monday he read out elements of the Senate bill and vice president Mike pence spoke about Abbott labs in a quick testing a unit a kit that GPS could use for test results in fifteen minutes that the application has been filed Deborah Berke talked about nineteen states standing out with two hundred or fewer cases he also said that eighty six percent of people with significant symptoms actually test negative and doctor Anthony Fauci he tried to clarify the timeline on vaccines working and that the administration is working with the companies so let's bring in Kathleen Hays and that Baxter and then after that we'll get a quick look at the markets with Doug Kathleen known what do you see as some of the most interesting for us well you know it certainly was very interesting here's a question about you know cure is what's going on some more details I find that to be the most fascinating part of these of these providers task force briefing is because you know you're getting people speaking who are speaking very carefully on something a little more economic your something that people mention to me from time to time president trump has been talking for awhile about cruise line companies changing their official homes the U. S. that they want to get federal loans I think that's a very fair argument will be interesting to see you know these