Major League Baseball, players union reach tentative agreement to salvage 2020 season


Yes a baseball on a stand still like the rest of the leagues Major League Baseball Players Association have a deal a path forward if you will is baseball tries to figure out when it will return from a stoppage because of this corona virus a pandemic mark to Cher was on get up on how MLB should resume I think we have to be very careful how much we mess with a game that is built for a reason I mean nine inning games are very important to our roster construction and frankly team that spent a lot of money and spent a lot of time building a great bullpen which is what a lot of teams like the Yankees are doing nowadays that's a huge disadvantage to teams with good bullpens but I want to talk more about trying to squeeze as many games as you can into a shortened season is all about the money for the players and and Major League Baseball and I get it I understand that you want as much revenue as possible we have to be careful how much stress you're putting our players and how much you're actually changing the game well let's talk about the stress should be putting on players I assume primarily we're talking about pitchers and pitchers arms we see them somewhat dropping like flies anyway just in the normal course of order here is is that what your primary concern would be exactly that is remember guys started their offseason throwing schedule you some some guys start before Christmas but they've been throwing all ready for for five months you're going to continue to stretch the season out longer there's no doubt it's going longer we can debate how long it should go but you're going to have these guys especially starting pitchers get started stop start stop they don't know exactly how long they're gonna have to be throwing and then you're gonna throw guys notable times a week potentially bullpen guys gonna be over used so we have so many Tommy John surgeries and and shoulder surgeries in baseball we'll have more if we mess with the

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