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S. surpassing both China and Italy but at the daily corona virus task force briefing the president trying to sound optimistic a lot of good things are happening the the what talent he rate is at a in my opinion you have to speak to Debra Tony all of the others but in my opinion it's way way down and that takes a lot of fear of you know it's one thing to have it it's another thing to die there are now nearly thirteen hundred fatalities from the virus in the U. S. more than three million Americans applying for unemployment benefits one of the reasons the White House looking into scaling back some of the current restrictions with the end of president trump's fifteen days to slow the spread looming on Monday the White House already preparing an update president trump sending a letter to the nation's governors saying the administration is working to publish new guidelines to use in making decisions about maintaining increasing or relaxing social distancing and other mitigation measures such as John Roberts of the White House the house will try and pass the economic stimulus bill in the morning house

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