Does Drinking Milk Increase Breast Cancer Risk?


Several of you have asked me to offer some perspective on a new study. That's been in the news. Tests wrote to me a few days ago. I heard about a steady finding a seventy to eighty percent chance of breast cancer in women who consumed two to three cups of milk a day. That seems pretty high. I feel like everyone would have breast cancer. Seeing as the dietary guidelines recommend two to three cups per day. What are your thoughts regarding this study? Do you think we should stop consuming dairy when I I read her email? I wondered if tests had misunderstood. Or maybe just misstated the findings but then I found a press release from Loma Linda University in which they quoted the lead researcher Gary Fraser as saying that his study provides quote fairly strong evidence that either dairy milk or some other factor closely related to drinking. Dairy milk is a cause of breast cancer. In women and quote. He then goes on to say quote for those drinking two to three cups per day. The risk increased to seventy to eighty percent and quote in other words. Eight out of every ten women who drink three cups of milk a day. We'll get breast cancer as test points out. This doesn't square with reality does it? And indeed. That's not even remotely what the study found now before I continue. I just WanNa take a moment to reiterate something I've said many times before in the past dairy is not essential to a healthy diet. You and your kids can get all the calcium protein and other nutrients you need without consuming milk or dairy products.

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