Know The Law

WCRI Flash Brief


Today snow the law. You need you realize that you're building a bit. I mean straight out. Here she is. You're building a business. And because you can relate a lot of laws apply to that yet. It might be self proprietorships. You don't have to worry about all the limited liability corporation issue hand so on and so forth but you still keep in mind that you're going to be dealing with copyright usually going to be dealing with trademark. He was woken licensing sometimes. Sometimes you don't sometimes you need it all depends on your luxury and how exactly you're defining business. Yes you're still going to have to be dealing with libel slander issue straight up. You're going to be a lot of weirdness that you as a comic book are going to be dealing and on top of that. You're also GONNA be dealing with merchandisers. Well which means you increase Kerley different realms of areas. You probably weren't thinking of the else you're going to have to figure out tax law at least good enough to be exactly what you're doing and what deductibles apply and yeah as he's small businesses there is going to be a lot of deductibles are going to apply necessarily thinking bout for example depreciation value of your laptop or for that matter getting a new software or spending time doing weird stuff or how much you're spending on your website all of that all the sudden becomes a business deduction investment. A cool is going to help your taxes later on. The key here is unique to realize that as a small business owner. Which is what you are you. Do you have a loss? You have to learn how to follow. You're going to actually have to seek legal advice at some point in having a lawyer on retainer isn't necessarily incredibly bad idea especially you're planning on Scaling Up at some point definitely having accountant at least access to we're not just talking about going into H. R. N. saw your taxes. We're talking. You actually have access to natural talent. Somebody was an actual. Cpa issue straight up. There's a lot of weirdness to it and you need to realize that if you're not following a lot you can actually be guild on it in a lot of weird way and we're not just talking about basic season desist to if you're serious about your

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