Federer: WTA/ATP Should Merge - our reaction; John Millman nearly retired, then beat Federer - our interview


Hello everybody another tennis. Podcast for you won't we weren't planning to bring you a couple of days ago but you know we just can't get enough of this and the so much going on and yes okay. There's no tennis but the stuff to talk about and we've got an interview with Joe Millman for you so we'll have that later but Catherine is here. Catherine David Selamat had David and the reason. We're convening altogether now. Not just having the Joe Millman interview which had been the original plan until about four hours ago is about twelve twenty eight pm today. Russia Federa- tweeted and what he tweeted was just wondering am I. The only one thinking that now is the time for men and women's tennis to be united and come together as one at which point Catherine and I wanted whether this was a teaser to a bit of content that might be coming out between the two tours because they've been producing causes loss of that and then I thought it can't be that cooked because I mean we've had instagram and lives law but moments later he said I'm picturing a merger between the WTO and the ATP I'm not talking about merging competition underscores but merging the two governing bodies the. Wta that oversee the men's and women's professional tours it's too confusing for the fans when there are different ranking systems different logos different websites. Different tournament categories. It probably should have happened a long time ago. But maybe now is really the time these tough times in every sport and we can come out of this to weaken bodies or one stronger body. Now when you hear that when you read that out loud that is pretty strong stuff catherine and and have to. I mean okay. We've been moving towards that in terms of little bits of Combined content under brand of tennis united. And we've had a heard an interview that has been put our way by the of their new seat in the new chairman and drag at NC Talkin about more and more collaboration. But for Roger Federer to come out apparently unsolicited and just say it's time to merge the tolls that was bombshell stuff ready wasn't it behold this novel an exciting idea. Yeah it was pretty bombshell stuff. I mean obviously. It's a good idea. Obviously Reid you. The way you read out these tweets. That sounds entirely sensible great. Let's do it. I'm trying not to be Aussie and SNIFFY ABOUT CERTAIN ELEMENTS OF THE STORY. And the way it's developing and being told that is happening on twitter. I'm trying to be a bit. Socially distanced from tennis twitter. I say that with heavy equities because it makes me shudder a little bit But it can be a bit of a toxic place and I'm trying to not be embroiled in it but this whole story has dropped exclusively on tennis twitter sort of had to be reeled back in the sort of arms race to claim claimed territory and claim claim that. This was their ideal. This is the first time anyone had this idea. The facts that you know of one suddenly sitting up and taking native destroy quality when a man shouts about it. All of those things I there is a part of me that wants to be about the the. Oc posted me often wins. But I'M GONNA try and be utilitarian about it and think. Look if if this is how the right thing ends up happening then then fine you know and I'm I'm going to echo do some shadowing echoing into something that you're going to say in relation to a different issue Later in the POD. He's talking about the distribution of wealth and prize money among top level players which is now suddenly a a a burning topic or among plays in general and he says look. I can't believe it's taken a pandemic for for this to be taken seriously and for the real powers that be to consider addressing it. Will I feel exactly that way about the the unification of The governing bodies but hey it took countless examples. They were able to for the. Nhs happened say if the ends justify the means then great. I'm going to suppress for once my RC side. I slightly wants to be able to read that. Billie. Jean King's response on twitter to Roger Federer in the in the sort of tone of voice that you began that that line yourself because what she actually says is I agree and have been saying. So since the early nineteen seventies she. I reckon she didn't say it like that. I kind of wish you had. And then she goes on say one voice women and men together has long been my vision for tennis the WTI on its own was always planned. Be I'm glad we're on the same page. Let's make it happen Hashtag. One voice is what Billie Jean King replied with Samana. Halla Patrick Evita Gubbay. Meru all tweeted support for what Roger Federer had to say and then I found the Dow tweeted. Hey Roger Federa- as you know per hour discussions. I completely agree that it would be great to get out of this world crisis with the Union of men's and women's tennis in only one organization which yeah suddenly makes all of this same quite premeditated between the two of them will maybe more than two of them. We haven't had anything I should say on this subject from Novak. Chuck rich the president of the council at this point. But it doesn't feel like this is just some using that Roger. Federer has just done while he's bored in lockdown as such A. It sounds as though it's been given quite a bit of thought he's had this chat so we've been reminded of this press conference. The rough on the Dow was involved in in two thousand nine hundred Australian Open when he responded to questions about whether he thought that should be a combined organization between the deputy. Atp with just telling us a misunderstanding. So he doesn't didn't understand really why that would be a good idea why we should talk about that. Why why that should be on the agenda And so this is a very very different tone now. Obviously we weren't in the middle of a global pandemic at that point. The world looked very different. It may it may well be that people who had previously never given a second thought to a combined organization of Sydney. Actually th. That's the way out of this. That's a good idea and got to be ready for that. But it's it's pretty stark. Isn't it the difference in town? Yeah I mean elements of needles. Tweet genuinely made me laugh out loud. First of all any suggestion that Is Great is his. English is Spanish as a first language adult composed. Hey at Roger Federer as per discussions. I mean absolutely no way. Is That tweet composed by Rafael Nadal? Himself as per I've ever seen his tweets to Anna Ravenna. Vish venevision join twitter. He said I look forward to our discussions on this means of communication when it was back in the early days of twitter. It was really sort of formal. And it's like a tweet anyway. It kind of reminded me of that one. Yeah so I mean yeah I mean that's not anything. Groundbreaking is that. He didn't necessarily compose himself. And if I was tweeting in a second language I would probably ask for some assistance as well. We've got to eat so I'm not having a pulp about that. But it the the sort of the attempt to say this. This was my idea too. I this came from a discussion that we both had. I was in on this too. That made me laugh because yeah I mean he. He kind of gets a slightly on it from me included because I think I kind of write him off of somebody. That's just not not hugely engaged with the with the wider. She's in Tennessee. And he kind of mice to the time brushes off interrogation about them as sort of. Oh you'll have to ask other people that are that are better informed and have have moose stake in it than than me. I'm not the best person to speak to you. That that clip. That's going around on twitter from the loss. Jesus straighten open is a good example of that. But the fact is he. He hasn't been supportive of equality in In Women's Tennessee's very much market forces based approach T. V. Prize money in the tools etc. So yeah this is. It's a bombshell.

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