Saints cancel offseason program amid coronavirus concerns


Ohio the New Orleans state's Saints have cancelled chase their young offseason is expected program to because be the of first the ongoing defensive corona player virus taken pandemic in Thursday's and inform NFL players draft they will not be required the six five to report two the club hundred headquarters sixty until five training pound camp defensive whenever end that projected may be to go to saints Washington general manager Mickey with the number Loomis two said pick coach Sean Payton his notified Buckeye players teammate of the decision Jeff Okuda on Wednesday considered adding the top that the club cornerback will remain in regular could go communication as high as three with players between Auburn's now and Derek the start of brown camp is the highest Loomis added rated defensive that the team linemen would still conduct various and Isaiah meetings Simmons with players from online Clemson but would graded not use tops virtual among drills linebackers to conduct anything I'm mark that would require Myers physical exertion I'm Josh Rowntree

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