Lamar Jackson, Ravens QB, lands cover for Madden 2021


So the mark Jackson announced he will be the cover athlete for Madden twenty one is only the second ravens player to ever be on the cover ray Lewis was on the cover in two thousand five he was asking he was concerned about the infamous Madden curse and he said I'm not worried Patrick Mahomes was on the front and he wanted to be P. so I want that curse at left to follow the path of M. V. P. then the Superbowl homes on the cover last year after the MVP season then obviously we know what he did this year winning the Superbowl so maybe the Madden curse is over but that seems appropriate yeah mark Jackson will be on the cover people are tweeting out clips of him doing Maddon type moves and I mean we haven't we haven't seen him play in a while obviously because it's not football season but man he's he the league isn't such a great position moving forward the quarterback position across the way that it's evolving it's so fun to watch and quickly I got out and now like there in six games later they're ready to play and highlight any and he's just he's such a thrill to watch because he not only puts these incredible movies and I he gets out of bounds are down so good at avoiding the head home to that it's just you can watch without that that horrible anxiety of like he's going to take a big hit he knows how to to get that actually got to get out of bounds

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