Ten years later: The Deepwater Horizon disaster


Today marks ten years since the deadly explosion occurred on the deepwater horizon oil drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico eleven workers on that rate lost their lives in crude oil flowed from the under water well for nearly three months NPR's Jeff Brady examines what's been learned in the decade since one of the largest environmental disasters in U. S. history the consequences of that accident and spill are still felt along the US Gulf coast today the disaster cost oil giant BP sixty five billion dollars and lead to tighter regulation of the offshore oil industry but even now environmental groups say regulators especially under the trump administration are too cozy with the industry retired Coast Guard admiral Thad Allen was the incident commander for the government's response what is the single most important change was made was a requirement to have well containment equipment available as a condition of the permitting but apartment of interior that equipment is standing by in the industry says it could respond to a similar incident much faster now Jeff Brady NPR

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