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And stay calm I mean if anything this is Los Angeles we should probably have some of the stuff in our earth quake kids anyways by now absolutely the everyday precautions is what we should be doing yes this is a new and unknown virus and there are still many questions about it but there are many other much more common threats that are very real influenza occurs in much greater numbers and is a much more increased risk in the in it is staged in corona virus at this time and certainly in Los Angeles as you said the reality of fires and earthquakes is much higher than we are re ask the question I asked before but modified just slightly how much if at all are you freaked out as a physician well I am not freaked out at all I don't care for patients personally every day and it's a great challenge for the doctors in practice every day seeing patients in trying to determine what's a normal cold and flu and where might I be more concerned about corona virus but the number of cases are still very limited and the public health department is advising physicians on how to get testing done the number of places where tests can be done that are increasing but I am not freaked out but preparedness is the message we want to get across to the general public to preparedness not panic and do the everyday things that we know we can do and do work rather than worry about what we can't do it yet Dr Richard Seidman chief medical officer for LA care health plan share.

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