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Followers on Instagram longtime comedy veteran. He has a Netflix special that has really really fantastic just got back from a world tour sold out venues Oliver yet. Casual he's on Joe Rogan all the time because ever heard of him. He's the podcast that was a few more listeners than ours. Just a couple also Joe Rogan if you're listening, we'll plummet on your show anytime Joe Rogan. So today, I'm super excited. We are welcoming our shoot fear who has all these other accolades, but you have other things that are great podcast called sceptic tank. Could research look, I is usually the one that really goes in. We did. Yeah. But we you. Seconds. But where do you live? Now, you live in New York City right next door. It'll take a minute to walk. So so ideal for you and us, I've never looked shitty meeting a new person. What do you think about the target? Are you a fan really

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