Teenage Diver Finds Tons Of Golf Balls Rotting Off California


Carmel, California. She and her father were diving in the Pacific just offshore from a golf course. She looks down. And saw something weird. You couldn't see the fan. It was completely white golf balls. You looked down. And you're like, what are you doing here? Thousands of golf balls. It felt like a shot to the heart. She was offended. She decided she'd haul them up she put them in her family's garage. I had all these. My garage and they stunk and I had no idea why. Then she heard about a scientist who studied the plastic waste in the ocean. His name was Matt Sevaka from Stanford University. She emailed him. He came to look at her collection fifty thousand golf balls just sitting in the garage. He said, I should write a paper about this. And I was like man, I'm sixteen years old. I don't know how to read a scientific paper he said he'd help that meant diving with her not easy. The oceans off California, actually, quite cold. And so you suit up in a pretty thick wet suit. It's incredibly physically demanding they took kayaks out to ferry the golf balls back. We'll have the kayak so-so prostate that will end up just having the to- the kayak back, and we'll have to swim to shore while we were out there. We would hear plink plink. And then we look up on the hill. And there would be golf balls flying in off the course right into the ocean. Where we were doing some collections actually whenever we have good conditions were able to pull out between like five hundred. Two five thousand off ball over two years. They found more than fifty thousand golf balls. The source five golf courses. Three were up. The Carmel river, the golf balls just rolled underwater down to the ocean in the journal marine pollution bulletin, the team says chemicals from fifty thousand or so cough balls. We'll probably only have a small effect on the ocean. But they do degrade into micro plastic pieces that marine animals could eat Alex Weber says, if those golf balls floated people would be shocked, if a person could see what we see underwater, it would not be acceptable. Christopher Joyce NPR news, the Brazilian composer and pianist Andre math Mari has always played with the concept of theme and variation. He did a whole album of variations on Beatles tunes. She's a very early age. I was drawn to improvisation even sometimes the classical teachers didn't like it when he got off the

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