Fact-checking Patriots' 18-year NFL dynasty - What's real, what's a myth


It's you'll stay at home. If you're a defensive linemen, and you see the rush bread. He's not going to get out of the pocket. He's not trying to do that. So if you keep him locked in from tackle, the tackle you play a little man coverage on the backside and make your worse throws can't come out on time. I think that gives you the best chance of upsetting them. You know what I mean? So I think, you know, look at it from a conceptual standpoint that way versus a one on one. Match-ups? How do we feel like we we can better them talking NFL live analysts Jeff Saturday with to to put a bow on what Jeff you were saying about how multiple the patriots are the greatest example of the patriots is with their multiplicity how they can more from week to week was Jonas grape several years ago. Roken NFL single game rushing record like two hundred yards and four touchdowns some kind of single the next week. He was inactive because we're going to use him that week. But let's I wanna I wanna flip over to the other side of the game Todd Gurley and C J Anderson versus Sheldon the fact that the number to rush defense and the New Orleans Saints. But they're missing I think a key factor. You lived in in that interior that defensive offensive lines in the trenches Sheldon rankings out for the New Orleans Saints from an achilles injury. How do you see that being a factor in this game? It's big listen, you know, Bligh insult even those guys and staff hold from the Rams had a very very good game against the Cowboys. As last week really got some push on entirely. And I think that's ultimately what the saints are going to have to combat like you said with rankings being out the best part of the of the Rams rushing attack is inside zone. And so you'll rushing from the guard to one side of the backside gone the other and they do an extremely good job backside of getting guys cut off and getting them down. And that's really what they did how they expose the Cowboys. Because you're you're asking a linebacker to kinda play in one in one gap, but read another one so when they give you that cross motion the fate jets or the into round it's really hard to fit in where you're supposed to. I think that's where they have to attack. I think ultimately though, for the sake if I'm there, I'm gonna put eight I'm a make you beat me though, when the ball make Jared Goff speaking, I'm not gonna let C J Anderson and Todd Gurley get four and five and eight yards clip. I think ultimately that break. Sure will. And so I think you force their hand. To make golf beat. You would play actual in the runs not working. And and and make that happen without I think it's much more difficult job for him to win it. And then you let your offense do really what what the Rams wanted Ingram and chimera just you know, run that thing and breeze with some big plays, okay? On the backside. But I think ultimately from the Rams perspective. You gotta tack that inside and you can get those yards. Eight mailbox super quick last question for you just Saturday, which are these forty year old quarterbacks are in endanger of never getting back to this point ever again in their career drew Brees or Tom Brady. Oh, that's great. But I would probably say Brady, I would say that when you look at the type of team, they got I would say that would be the entire team seems to be aging, you know, whereas when you look at the when you look at the the the the saints they have younger bodies back at that running back. I think wind up helping them long run great great answer. Big set. Congratulations on wearing your leather pants on NFL, all your stuff. It'll be it'll be nice, ma'am. Go dope. Leather and save yourself some money. Okay. I'm gonna send you something you gonna wear. Someone opening shirt by your. Almost shea my chest. Make sure it looks good. Just saturday. We appreciate it. We'll talk to you next week. Hopefully. Big sat joining us coming up next. The man the myth the legend, Sal paolantonio. We'll talk a little bit more about the AFC championship game. And indeed are we seeing the walking wounded with the patriots. And this is the last game that we see the dynasty. That is the patriots that coming up next Peter burns been hard sock. This is the best week ever on ESPN radio. Tom

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