Denver Nuggets pound Lakers

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Heard of goes by the name of LeBron James LeBron Lakers taken on the nuggets in Denver. And this one was ugly early second quarter nuggets seven point lead. And look at your mom Murray guys fly by and then he's waving as they passed. Take a look at this. This is this is some shade here drew mammary which twenty. And not had a nine point lead late in the first half lake is kind of hanging around there down five. We gotta done. Lebron? No. We don't go in the other direction. Lonzo will put it in. He's gorgeous seven legs down eight at halftime. Then the third quarter. Denver just opens it up completely and LeBron James really struggling over four from three. That's no good. Lebron actually did not have a field goal on the entire second hand. And the other way, here's Yokich. He's not yo king. He had fourteen liquors down sixteen later Lakers. Still trailing by sixteen. The front is not a good pass. He's frustrated. They look really bad first time in four years. He goes tire half without a field goal. Fourth quarter, Lakers down eighteen points now kinda planet out LeBron and other bad pass going to work at the trae Lyles who will knock down to three from the corner when it's all sudden LeBron five of fifteen fourteen points. Lakers lose by thirty to their worst of the year. Still couldn't make. As much as we could stop to stuff. What it over? Broke. Oh before couldn't make enough shots. Yeah. Couldn't make shots as an understatement. Jalen rose because they missed thirty three's in the matchup against the nuggets. But something else was revealed. And you've mentioned this before that for the Lakers. It's difficult for them when they face a big man that can score inside and out. And how did you see that reveal distinction amongst quality big men in the league skill big man that could dribble pass shoot versus wheel men who set screens. Catch lobs and block shots. The latter categories players like Steven Adams, de'andre Jordan Tyson challenge, avail McGee. And when you talk about ultimate skill

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