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Be selling for a lower floor with reporter back so to speak when there's going to be a massive ceiling out there with two quarterbacks who what teams going to line themselves to need one of those guys would be position. Take one of those guys are going to be very interesting. I think both number can't miss Lewis week. Yeah. No, it's I hadn't thought that far ahead with a quarterback class. But certainly some teams could be positioned themselves for one team that will not be because they seem to have their quarterback are those Cleveland Browns. Did you talked about earlier Vinnie? You know, they're probably the most talked about foreign six team in maybe an NFL certainly maybe the team under five hundred in four major leagues right now. So why are why is everybody talking about the Cleveland Browns a team that is only four and six right now. Well, I think I don't think they're necessarily out of the playoff race either way. They're playing other teams are playing the colts still have a tough schedule here. I mean, the Browns have a tough schedule as well. The Texans the Panthers, but you have confidence in them that they could go out and beat anyone right now. The way their quarterback is playing the way the defense was playing at times. So I think it was a lot of buzz. I think it's the regret in part of it was Hugh Jackson like I think the frustration with the Browns. They let me feel play right away. They're a little bit more disciplined in those early games. Maybe rolling right now, they maybe have a shot and you've been chasing down the Steelers. So I think that's the biggest frustration there that they didn't make this change recognize what kind of team they had earlier in the season. So I think they're going to be a big favorite to win this division next year and really make some noise 'cause Baker looks so much better than Sam darnold. Josh rosen. Lamar Jackson Josh Allen at this point. It's not even funny. Yeah. No. I mean, that's the hey, I mean, I'm always a big fan of drafting guys based off of what they. What they achieve in college. When you go out there and show that you can get the job done versus always drafting guys on potential now, certainly there are successful NFL quarterbacks throughout the years there Jeff draft potential, but I'm always the guy that wants to go with someone that's proven themselves. Instead of just this guy's got the measurable will put him in a system and he'll get the job done. And certainly Baker Mayfield is showing people what he can do and Lamar Jackson had a lot of success in at Louisville and is now getting that opportunity with the Baltimore Ravens. You know, looking at a couple of games this week Vinnie. And every time I wanna just put the eagles underneath the trash heap. They have another opportunity here. They are playing the Redskins in a game where they win. I mean, they're they're the same record as the Redskins. And if the if the saints beat the Cowboys Davis same record as the Cowboys in the NFC east, and so when you look at that one that's the Monday night game this week. I mean, should we bury the eagles? They still have a chance where where are you thinking on this one? Well, I think they do have a chance, of course. I don't think they're playing very well. I think the Cowboys are still the favorite division at this point. But yeah, they can get back in but I don't have real high expectations. If they do get in. They're probably going to face a pretty good number five seats. So I I just don't think this is a team that we saw last year they're not going to suddenly become at that level. When you look at the way, the Rams and saints and even the Vikings are playing ahead of that. Well, it's certainly will be one of the interesting games as we can they do. There are two marquee games of the weekend. Sunday four thirty Vikings and patriots play. And then the Sunday night game chargers and Steelers Vinnie as we let you go here. Those two matchups any other match ups you mentioned the Cowboys and saints any other big match ups that you're looking forward to this weekend. Yeah. I think you look at the chargers and Steelers I think that's going to be a battle of attrition. I think people look these quarterbacks. But these defense is a really good, especially the secondary. So time we're throwing up and down the field. We'll see maybe James counter being healthy and not be healthy bad tips again. But that's all right. Sounds good. Great stuff from Vinnie IRA. You can follow him on Twitter at Vinnie ir. That's I y e r read off his stuff. It's sporting news dot com of anything's for much for joining us. Thank you. All right. When we come back. We will have a little bit final. Michigan basketball talk. We. Yeah. We we've got gotta come more legit or overreactions. I'd be curious to hear Zach and MRs thoughts on that. Donald w.

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