Luka Modric wins Ballon dOr, ends reign of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo


You're listening to the spoken edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. Luca Madre twins bowel on Dr ends reign. Of Lionel Messi Cristiano Renaldo Paris Luca Madrid and the long reign of Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo by winning the ballon door for the first time Monday Madria won the Champions League with Real Madrid. And then guided Croatia to the World Cup final in July. The midfielder was voted player of the tournament messy and Rinaldo had one everybody Londor since two thousand eight and usually competed only with each other for the greatest recognition among soccer's elite as a kid we all have dreams, my dream was to play for a big club and went important trophies Madras said the ball on door was more than just a dream for me. It is really an honor and a privilege to hold this trophy. Renaldo was second in the polling. Followed by France forward on Thuan grease men, France teenager, Killian Mugabe was fourth Brazil's knee mar was third last year. But twelfth this time messy was fifth in the voting having been runner up. Throw now, though the past two years and in the top three every year since two thousand seven Madras had not previously been in the top three two thousand eighteen is a dream year for me said moderate thirty-three throughout my career. I realized hard work, persistence and belief in yourself in difficult moments are the foundations of success moderates father was shown on the big screen wiping away tears during the ceremony at the imperious Grand Palais in Paris Renaldo missed a record six award, which would have moved him. One ahead of messy the previous player to win it before. Those two started dominating world soccer awards with Brazil midfielder kakapo with AC Milan. In two thousand seven Rinaldo also on the Champions League last season with moderate before leaving to join you Ventas Renaldo scored a hat trick against Spain at the World Cup. But he failed to make an impression when Portugal lost to Uruguay in the round of sixteen. Mugabe in Greece Mun scored in the four to World Cup. Final win against Croatia. Mugabe earned a domestic treble. With paris. Saint Germain grease Mun also scored twice frat. Let it go Madrid in the Europa league. Final win against Marseilles, France coach DA day shots at a France player should have won the award. They deserve it. Because of what they did with the national team at the World Cup and also because of the trophies they won with their clubs day. Shaw said Mugabe at nineteen the youngest player to score in a World Cup. Final one the Raymond Kopa trophy, which is a warded to the best young player drone. Pook. Meyer is an Associated Press Writer.

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