Trump entities to be subpoenaed by state attorneys general


The FBI launched a probe into allegations that Epstein sexually abused. Dozens of teenage girls by having his personal assistance Lord into to his home where they thought they would be paid for giving massages but would instead perform sex acts to fight those allegations. Epstein assembled a legal dream team that included Alan Dershowitz and former special prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, the multi-millionaire could have faced life in prison. But with their help struck a deal, he pleaded guilty to state felony prostitution charges and served a thirteen month sentence. Epstein was allowed to spend up to twelve hours a day. Six days a week at his office. The federal prosecutor who agreed to the lenient sentence in that case, Alex Kosta, the current US secretary of labor Epstein was known to be politically connected flight law. Obtained by several media organisations indicate that former President Bill Clinton was on Epsteins private jet at least twenty six times between two thousand one and two thousand three f- seen supposedly new President Donald Trump who said in a two thousand two interview with New York magazine that F scene is a terrific guy. And that Epstein likes beautiful women as much as I do and many of them are on the younger side. Mr. Trump's attorney told Fox News there was no relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump. The now sixty five year old Epstein was one of the most successful money managers in America, handling billions of investors money if it were someone else that didn't have that money or power. They would be in jail for life. That's just what would happen to a Costas spokesman said that this matter has been publicly addressed in that the US district attorney's office defended a cost his actions. Meanwhile, Edward says that the settlement that he reached with Epstein. Included an apology and a competent financial agreement. Epstein had no comment that is jury could Dunkin reporting this morning president George H W Bush Bush's funeral will be today with his burial plan for tomorrow in Texas in the early nineties comedian Dana Carvey US, President Bush has comedy fodder and CBS news. Correspondent major Garrett said that the president was good natured about it. The president is to start out with mister Rogers. It's so beautiful lay in the neighborhood. Then you add a little John Wayne way gal. Let's go over there ranch. You put them together. You got George. Herbert Walker Bush together, President Bush and his comedic foil. Dana Carvey forged, a perhaps unexpected friendship that started after Bush lost his bid for reelection in nineteen Ninety-two, Mr Bush invited Carvey to the White House as a pick me up for the staff and Lincoln bedroom last night, and I couldn't resist get her on the phone, and I call it the secret service as the president fail outgun jogging tonight.

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