Rami Malek and 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Win Big at 2019 Golden Globes


With a look at some of the awards bestowed Sunday night at what some call the pre-oscars. Here's USA radio's Chris Barnes at the seventy six th annual Golden Globe awards bohemian rhapsody the saga about the rock band Queen which could have easily been categorized. As a comedy musical. Ended up winning the year is best motion picture drama enact Karami. Molly won best actor in a motion picture drama for portraying, Freddie. Mercury. The band's frontman. Thank you to, Freddie. Mercury for giving me the. Lifetime. I love you, man. The real, Freddie. Mercury died back in one thousand nine hundred ninety one while green book the account of a true life road trip through the Jim crow south could have been competing for best drama, it ended up winning the award for best comedy or musical and Christian bale. Tacoma, Golden Globe for best actor in a motion picture comedy for his portrayal of former VP Dick Cheney in vice for USA radio news. I'm Chris Barnes

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