Who scored and who wasted their money on Super Bowl ads


What kinds of questions where we ask you about Super Bowl fifty three in Atlanta regarding the commercials the halftime show. Maybe the players were joined now live by Tara Wolpert Levy, she's vice president of YouTube morning. Tara, what ads did we like, our you? Thanks for having me. Well, you know. A lot more than the press. We saw viewership of the big game is on YouTube. John almost sixty percent from last year. And some of the most popular ones yesterday were hyundais the elevator. You may have seen that where the trying to make the point that they've made the car shopping experience better than all of these alternatives like canal duty at cetera cute clever. I was well. I just thought that took a long time to get going. I liked it dilute the payoff was good. But like with all the elevator stops. It seem like where where's this going? Actually, we usually see you have to hook someone early points. But I guess people were chuckling along or empathize be unpleasant situations because it's been number four watch ad on YouTube dot com. What else different different way to go? Reisen? I was the number one ad on YouTube yesterday talking about the first responders and help that they gave to the folks in the NFL who wouldn't otherwise be. There got twelve inspiring stories that you can go check out on the platform other ones. Amazon not everything makes the cut people can really enjoy the. Poke suffering through Amazon collar Amazon. That cause for different folks. As a way of pointing out all the things that Amazon does do for you. Yeah. That was good. And then a patriotic tribute rounding out the top five were Jeep more than just words, and Microsoft, we all win both of which were very touching tributes to different populations. And and you know, how how brands

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