Sundance shows off a new trend of AR, VR (The 3:59, Ep. 514)

The 3:59


Welcome to three fifty nine on Roger Chan Joni salesman. Augmented reality in virtual reality are still finding its way but a new trend emerge out of Sundance film, vessel one. That puts the focus squarely in your body. Joan you spend a lot of time. Try out the experiences their bottom, I won't bows alike. And is this stuff? This is going to bring the art AR to the wider market. It was really cool. Like, this is the thing about getting to have my job is that I get to go to these things like Sundance and try out all these Aaron VR experiences that almost nobody else gets to see and let you go which not very many people, especially Sundance says little it's not little, but it's a festival that's onnell teeny tiny mountain town, you have to really dedicated to go. So part of the problem is that these are really cool experiences. The ones that we're talking about in this festival use your body as technology. So you don't have to fiddle with controllers and figure out how to make things work if you just kind of are moving around to make things work. It's a lot easier. It feels more natural. But the problem is a lot of people may never get to try those things because you have a way to be released into that point. It just I feel like I read a lot about these experiences, and I've never actually get to try get like I get like the crappy marketing tie in experiences. And then that's basically it like. Yeah. The last one I could kinda remember the Power Rangers VR experience, which is not very good. Right. It's very. Short. So so what might be sort of a light at the end of the tunnel for experiences. Like that is that there's this growing popularity of LB location based entertainment and the idea that air VR almost not like going to theme park now that expensive. But it's something that if there's an experience that you hear about is really cool like the one where you get to eat food while you're watching the are one where you get to travel through time with your body, whatever it may be the one that appeals to you the idea that you could go to a place in see it, and you don't have to invest in a headset. And it's not a solitary experience something that you get to have at a location kind of piggybacking off of this popularity of immersive experience is as a kind of entertainment that might be a way that it breaches the mainstream. Right. All right. So on Friday, I'm sure you were all glued to the five plus hours or the oral arguments before a US pills court over the fate of net neutrality. I know our own accurate in was bottom line. I think the hearings sort of put the FCC on on the defense. A little bit in terms of questioning whether or not the agency should move forward with this. Whether or not they have the power to actually repeal the laws and mega action note that notes that ultima this come down to some technicalities public safety, and whether or not the c- considered it in making these rules changes. I mean, what do you think this is obviously an Uber complicated topic? But. Right now. I mean alternately the bottom line is. We just have to sit in wait like, yeah. Well, there's less that we know now than we did before she Maggie Friday called her Super Bowl was the big deal, obviously. But this is like the worst kind SuperBowl. Because after the game end, you don't know the winner is for several months. So like the right decision doesn't actually come out for until probably summer. Right. So in the meantime, we just have a lot more question marks about right about net neutrality a-. It's just funny that ultimately this might come down to the controversy with Bryson's throttling. The fire department during the California wildfires, which isn't really even. It's not another trolley, but it was a public safety thing. And it would be kind of weird that was sort of the crux of how net neutrality comes back to life. It is a really good example of like a fear based way of illustrating this case. But in other cases, atrocities the way that it was implemented. This rollback might be putting some things that we hadn't thought of it nature. Lastly Super Bowl was yesterday. We we can't ignore it. I just want to like did you have a favorite commercial? I didn't because I didn't watch the Super Bowl like a lot of people. I'm sure after watching the first couple of callers that game. I actually I washed most commercials on you to like the avengers commercial, which that was really my main goal vendors, and captain marvel Angolan watch watching the Super Bowl. Yeah. That the well the XBox control was the XBox commercial about the, adaptability. Controller was wondering Mary, heartwarming. And then having the Budweiser slash game of thrones commercial account. Threw me off in a good way. All right for full coverage. I've seen it. And Roger Chan Joni sauce, actually listening.

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