Virginia’s 3rd in line for governor swears he never wore blackface


Virginia. Democrats have three political scandals to deal with tubing political leaders admitting to wearing black face years ago. And now another scandal hearing cinema Joyti leader Republican. Tommy Norman was managing editor of nineteen sixty eight yearbook for the Virginia Military institute via my yearbook which included racial slurs net leased one picture of someone in black face. And he says he was one of several people working at the yearbook at the time and saying he wasn't featured in it or not take any of the pictures. Either way in Virginia. I'm Jim Krasula Richmond Virginia Republican state house speaker Kirk Cox, the third in line to be governor has told reporters he has never worn black face that comes as the state's three top elected officials all Democrats face separate scandals. Cox says there's nothing in his past that might disqualify him from taking over the governor's office. And in these cases, none of them have stepped down or offer to resign. At this

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