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Now in their second century of serving financial needs of the Slovene American community of northeast Ohio silk ensemble, L Marzi note, soya's Cecilia Dolgen, and the L Mars with Newt soy tonight. Great album from the seventies. I think it was and the pressure day celebrations will also take place here in Cleveland, Ohio, and that'll be on Sunday February seventeenth at six PM at Saint Mary of the assumption church on Holmes avenue, and they'll be a featuring entertainers from the greater Cleveland Slovenian community, many find out performers such as. Raymond knees and Mika Delina Maria Brunner Simone said Mayak, Michael Thomas, Janas Nimitz, mardi sick and Luca's evil, Nick. And I will be the masters of ceremonies for the pressure day cultural event music poetry drama. And who knows what else plus a lovely reception at Saint Mary's after that Sunday February seventeenth at six PM pushier. No, Don in the cheer cool to bow. Slovenske scoop. No Steve said, the the daily said of nice to go February up you money Nabulsi orb cheer would see these. But it taboo colleague to lintel nauseous Levinsky scoop. Steam programmable snitch on you shook niesky Dorothy, yes. Di ziebel assault conference Zia's. Through the Pro Bowl more. Bt in Lahti year, blue Lapore, typically that New Delhi? Oh, said of nice to get February Wadia obsessed vici appreciated muddy votes yet. Visa appreciate or died in of the cheered cool Tuta. Okay. Let's shake it up a little more contemporary for Valentine's Day. Red roses from the 'Slovenia group big bath. now,.

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