World Food Programme urges US to reconsider Palestine funding cuts: civilian impact horrendous

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Food insecurity has become a major issue in Gaza and to the West Bank, not because food is hard to find. But because hard-pressed families cannot afford to buy it. That's according to Stephen Kearney, the World Food program's Representative and WFP country director in Palestine United States cuts in funding for the UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees onr is having a major humanitarian impact and WFP is currently providing food cash assistance to the most vulnerable who are earning less than a dollar a day. Mr. Kearney's spoke with you and uses Arabic chief rim Abaza when she wasn't Jerusalem on a recent reporting trip to the region and began by outlining what the agency needs on behalf of hungry and malnourished Palestinians for the year ahead. Fifty seven. That's what I want. I have woman's. About twenty and that's based on discussions with the non US dorms. Traditionally support the fee and asking them at least match the game that shit. And I haven't had negative responses. They haven't gone, and yes it goes, but based on removed so so and this year two thousand eighteen juniors lately was again, the US. Bid decision that we actually had somebody with US customs rolled from to necessarily. But what's we did? We've still you're in rule was media. Earned media starting to look at the the needs to support Palestine. We went Shula US doing time. Long time before they actually made it clear that everybody's gonna get quote, and I came out to toward. So. Do we have be role made a decision to use a lot of its multilateral? Gets and it gave me a don't keep go into this and the little bit let more to run for John Jim, but that will happen again to make it clear to our audience when we say you have a funding problem. What does it mean on the ground for the beneficiaries? Some million shot. It means a hundred and fifty thousand people don't get. And what go look at when we approved we use the Johnny Bauer transaction cash. Princeton sanctions. So we have a little cottage. Sure. So what those we give this to each household and the household can they go to show and the point. And once again is we we credit on the move nickel. Shop. We were close the shopkeepers to set criteria was the bible on my cigarettes the combat cop on the skins, but the combatant the axon business vegetables milk yogurt success. We did the shocking. Derek incidence. So you. Giving shirts to the retailer that they go to. Should we internet? No cash being transferred to mitigate the risk of fraud. Misuse. Wjr you protect the advisory eighty Dicky's other goal choose what they want to protect them as well. Because. There's nothing else to contribute to take the food. We've all the other cod. It's it's. Protections against that. You gotta remember that in Gaza. The western food, insecurity is not because food derived press the having the money to buy a vanity taxes. Can you give us an idea about the numbers of foot insecure rep people in Gaza and the west thing in Gaza unin, the western do get close to own deals with refugees we deal with number fifties? And thus the clear demarcation between us, so we did it with the Muench to sixty thousand in Gaza under the skin of the problem is great. But then we're not doing the actors the Palestinian Authority are also providing social safety nets to people, and what we do is very close to the most in we look at their beneficiaries who they're supporting and why this. And then we based on all over the news. The people who are not in support. So our criteria is set on deep. Deport and we'll buy deep poverty level in this country, three dollars seventy. The majority of beneficiaries. Well, we've we're talking if they're looking to find a job the maybe ending about a dollar a day. In Gaza funded rate is fifty cents to seventy percent for the for the youth. So this real challenges. And this again is why the problem with food, insecurity is not availability taxes because nobody's going to buy you, visit Gaza. You're interesting you go back and forth, and you meet people who benefit from all the support. What do we hear from them? Where he is very sensitive. Extreme. So even the most case. I've got issues who not only of food and no electricity. Access to water is at judge then accommodation is substantially. I've got one who's lost a giant share because rats were getting a ninety nine children. And the child. This is sort of scary for women. Everybody we deal with is in deep poverty. There are scales within so families single headed by women so come to chink, so we can set criteria within our current than Fisher fisheries to identify the most vulnerable of the most. And that's what we're doing getting ready for two thousand eighteen if I into without sort of short phone. Than to make these horrendous decisions to cook. People who absolutely have nothing. What's your message to the international community? And we're coming to me year new resolutions. Have you used?

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