LeBron James of Los Angeles Lakers says NFL owners have slave mentality


James went after NFL owners. He was critical of NFL owners during the latest episode of the shop earlier tonight Friday night where he said NFL owners, quote have a slave mentality. In the NFL. They got a bunch of old white men owning teams, and they got the slave mentality. And it's like this is my team you do what the blank, I tell you to do all we get rid of your all. So there's more of that. I'd like to see it in its content. I watched tonight on HBO. I'm not that critical of LeBron because of the show the show's a barber shop, that's what the show's all about with celebrities celebrities hanging out in a barbershop hip. Hop stars actors people they're having fun and his executive producer and partner. Maverick carter. Also Todd Gurley was talking business and rapper ice cube. So I'm not going to sit here and analyze every word that was said in a barbershop where a bunch of guys are talking. But the key question that we need to talk about over the weekend. Because this is a big story. My good friend. Chris Moore who was on before me said that this could be a news dump over the weekend. We might forget it. I disagree because we had the government shutdown. We have bad weather on the east coast. Everyone's traveling for the holidays, we might forget about it. We won't forget about this. Because LeBron James is the most important and biggest name athlete in the country with all due respect to Jordan Tom Brady. Tiger woods. It's lebrons world right now. But I think what you have to ask. And I'll ask it for you. Is what is LeBron trying to get out of this? Why would LeBron James want to pick a fight with Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones right to white guys? Really rich owners number one in one a who do a lot and are very inclusive with African Americans. Robert Kraft, obviously does so much good all the charity work. Did he does Jerry Jones all the countless African American players that he's had who got onto greatness who love him sit in the owner's box. Why would LeBron James do this? I'm trying to figure that out eight five five two one two four two two seven. But I'll tell you why he's doing it because LeBron's branching out of basketball. He's in the real estate business. He's in the movie business. He's in the music business. He wants people to know his feelings on this. But Ken, LeBron sit down and have a deep debate. And a discussion on this topic with Jim Brown Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Bill Russell some of the leaders when it comes to the African American community in sports in our lifetime. I think you can I think what LeBron was trying to do is make a point that. There are no guaranteed contracts in the NFL. But does he. Have to use the term slave

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