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And embarrassing use of this port dead Guatemalan boy eight-year-old Felipe Alonso Gomez who died in US custody, and they're trying to use his death is some sort of prop is some sort of cudgel to beat the president Republicans up with well, who do you really blame here? Frankly. I don't want to blame anyone because tragedies happen. Unlike the left, I don't immediately start saying, well, well, who's to blame here who's who's who's at fault. But if you wanna blame somebody how about the dad who took an eight year old on a two thousand mile trek across godforsaken Mexico to cross the American border in December. In the desert because he was unemployed. Because he wanted a job. I don't know. I mean, there's a lot of things that I would do if I were unemployed and wanted to feed my children. But if I did this I would be getting a call from child protective services. If I dragged my eight year old boy out of school on on a two thousand mile journey. Ended up in him getting ill. And eventually dying. The authorities in any country would start looking at me. As suspect number one as possibly endangering my child, but you tell me triple eight six thirty WMA L. Let's now check in and the hid decarbonising traffic

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