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Gee, look at a team like the Houston Rockets, and I say the same thing, why did the rockets beat the Golden State Warriors last year? And I understand James Harden's a great player, and I understand James Harden's, the MVP, and I would've voted him for the MVP too. And I'm not comparing James Harden's lack of shooting to Ben Simmons because it's night and day. But why why did the rockets lose to the Golden State Warriors last year? Because James harden can't make a big shot in the biggest games of the year. Same story every single year. Great player, absolutely. Rocket fans. Talk to me. Big game may big game June. Down by three down by six got to close the deal. Are you confident that James harden is going to be able to make the big shot? We see it in the regular season. We've seen it year after year after year. Rockets right now at eighteen and fifteen barring any more injuries. I can't see this team not making the playoffs. I look at the Utah Jazz seventeen and eighteen big win last night against Portland. That's twice in a week. They beat the blazers. Ricky Rubio is getting better. He's an excellent free throw shooter. But again, I go back to when you have to have a guard make a shot. If Ricky Rubio was in that situation is he going to be able to make the big shot for you. I haven't seen it talk about what's going on in Washington. And how disappointing the wizards are at thirteen and twenty one am I blaming that all on John wall? I am not. But wizards fans, you know, when's the last time John wall made a big big shot in the biggest of games we saw him two years ago meltdown in game seven at Boston. He can't make your shot. The game is now beyond the line. If you're guards can't make threes. It is really really hard to win in this league really hard to win in this league. So as we go through this morning, and if you're on the east coast in the afternoon, if we get an update on the Brian James will pass by do I think the Lakers can survive a while without LeBron? Yeah. I do you know why? Because Rondo is that veteran presence. They have Ingram back Kouzmanis deadly from three. The they've got the pieces to stay afloat while they wait for LeBron. They're twenty and fourteen they've got the kings in Sacramento tomorrow. They have games that they should be. Okay. I don't know about tomorrow. Although the kings are playing tonight in LA against the clippers. They have the kings again on the thirtieth. Let's say LeBron James is out two weeks will the Lakers be able to play five hundred over two weeks stretch. Because when you look at the west right now. Do you know that eighteen and fifteen in the west is eighth right now with Sacramento how about the east eighth-place Detroit fifteen and sixteen you lose two games in a row in the west. You can go from sixth down the tenth look at the teams in the Western Conference that are not currently in the top eight San Antonio eighteen and sixteen Memphis a game over five hundred. They're in ninth and tenth respectively. So here's the bottomline, folks. Watch the playoffs coming up in this spring get to calendar to two thousand nineteen and watching close games how a team like Philadelphia. If they can't get the ball to Jimmy Butler. Joel Embiid, they're probably not gonna win. Look at the Utah, Jazz close games. Now. I'm talking about close games is your point guard. Ricky Rubio is he going to be able to make the big shot. He going to be able to shoot the ball from the outside. When the defense is giving them that the big difference between a Rubio and a wall and a Simmons is Rubio is a great free throw shooter. Simmons is a horrible free. Throw shooter wall is so so so keep that in mind when you watch the NBA we're gonna talk a lot more about this with Steve Kerr coming up at the start of our number two. We'll talk with Sammy Mick from the athletic coming up in our number three.

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