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Com. So that you can learn or a final in the Pac twelve today early early games kind of watching this one I don't think it was on TV. But I was watching on my phone here on upset breakers. Zona state at home upset by. Talented inconsistent. UCLA Bruins sixty one to fifty nine. You know, it's funny because it seems like not many points scored in a game when it's sixty one fifty nine we know that those two teams are defensive teams, especially Arizona state and UCLA maybe not quite as prolific scoring this year. But that bet that was a really good game. Boy, absolutely other games. That'll be going on here later on today. Twenty first ranked Utah. Yes, they're ranked in the top twenty five year time in a very long time. They are hosting towel that to the buffs. We'll see coming up on Sunday and that a seven o'clock tip upstate times, the buffs. Get going Zona host USC Oregon is on the road at Washington state, Washington. I'll host ninth ranked Oregon state. I look at the Pac twelve there's three teams in the top ten. Yes. Which is why it doesn't get any easier as we head through this conference and a team that has been kind of support we say struggling a little bit conference and UCLA just beat sixteen ranker's upstate. That's how tough it is. Here tonight for the buffs. We'll get more into a here. Up continues presented by Safeway. But that coach JR Payne here for the bed cetera ahead of Colorado at Stanford. Got a lot of basketball from learfield. Maybe.

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