West Virginia Mountaineers QB Will Grier to skip bowl game, focus on draft prep


Step away from the rest of their team leave their teammates high and dry and also leave their education behind. I think it's I think that's unfortunate. Well, that's always the conversation about it being the feet. I call the feeder system the system to the pros and the worry of okay, I'm just going to get ready and he put out a message. He tweeted a message out where he said since arriving he and his wife have been welcomed by the family, and how blessed they've been and all that kind of stuff. And then he said that they after getting professional input. That's what he said professional input. I've decided not to participate in the upcoming bowl game and focus on the preparation and my family for I hope is the next step in in our journey. But I I think we're gonna see more of this happening. And I think it's unfortunate too. Because look you're ready dumped out maybe after the two years three years in his case and skip out. Anyway, I mean, you're not gonna finish most of these guys aren't finishing college unless they don't have a shot at the pros. Rose. So if that's the case, then I think he should play the ball game especially this ballgame. Why not? Yeah. And maybe if you want to train people to become professional football players, maybe different a different institution where that can happen instead of cow. Can you imagine that boy wouldn't that be interesting? So college football once all the money, they can possibly get and they get it. They make a fortune. That's why these bowl games was forty bowl games on a lot of the big tier ballgames, they'll make money. And if you had all of the guys that had the real upside the real possibility Goto some kind of a system where they didn't play in college. There was something else form that was at a high level. Wow. That would be that would be a game changer period. Philip across the US. Yes. But then it would change institutions where the money was backed when they were looking for through stirs the whole top. Apple the system and there'd be so many people that would stop that. Because athletes makes them so much money. But it is interesting, and there have been people that have said that well if it's so much than why aren't you staying in? And you owe it to the people of the university, and if you're taking a scholarship position as an athletic got the whole thing. I mean, it's always a huge conversation huge as it should be. Yeah. All right. So that's the big news for a mountaineer fans are not going to get to see him a lot of them not happy with that. But saying they understand his decision. Some in some saying, they don't be a real bummer if he was your guy, and he is incredible an incredible quarterback. And then you had tickets to go to the game. And then he's not playing in it it, you know, listen, it would make a difference for you, even though you might like the other players are you might just like the team in general. He was the star. He transcended it just like in the pros across the board in any sport. You're there for the personality of the person. That's the. The argument over money when you get to the pro level that why shouldn't you get a big contract because you're like a performer, you're like an entertainer people are there for the draw for the name. And what happens when you don't have a name. And you don't have a good team. You don't draw as much so therefore, they should be paid more. Now, you look at college same thing the draw how how long do they go? And the other argument side argument of this is why should we stay in? This the way we're staying in it terrific the injury to maybe not get the money. We could be drafted where we could be drafted. So this is going to always go around on the carousel forever and ever army, by the way, putting up some points. Ten nothing. They lead a kick was good enough to add more mustard onto the total. But that's it. So far at at this point in this game. It's really been about defense or miss. Opportunities in the case of navy a couple of tossed interceptions in the wrong direction in the case of army same thing. I mean, we're punting punting punting that they were able to get some points on the some points on the board. So a thirty three yard field goal making the difference. Thirty three yard field goal for John Abercrombie and army army adding some points, but still in the same spot as they were before not a high scoring game and not a lot of pad their against. Let's put it that way. What happened to what happened all the Pat? It went away. Right. It's gone. So they're not getting any of it jumping across back to the NFL got a couple of questions here. One from big Al who sent me something at Caitlyn. Radio dot com. He says Kate congratulations on the book deal. Your destiny, I ordered a copy at Amazon and speaking of destiny when you look at the teams and you look at the chiefs they're taking on the ravens and Pat Mahomes is this a team of destiny even without Kareem hunt. This team is still loaded. There's no doubt that he was a big part of what was happening on the ground for them. But the chiefs weren't going to stick with him after he he

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