Conductive Concrete

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The. The FAA is concluding tests on a material that could eliminate the need for snow removal. This is innovation now bringing you stories behind the ideas that shave our future, professor of civil engineering from the university of Nebraska Lincoln is heading research team working with the US Federal Aviation Administration to test a material that could end the need to shovel snow. The conductive concrete contains added steel shavings and carbon particles making up about twenty percent of the mixture the solidified material conducts enough electricity to give off heat. So the snow or ice that settles on the concrete simply melts away while the concrete itself remains safe to the touch the FAA is interested in the conductive concrete as a way to reduce weather related delays at airports, not by using the material for runways, but for the tarmac area around the gates were food and. You'll services and all those luggage carts have to load and unload, although the material is not cost effective for entire roads. It could be just the thing to keep targeted areas. From getting snowed under for innovation. Now. Jennifer fully. Animation. Now is produced by the National Institute of aerospace through collaboration with NASA and is distributed by w HR V. Visit us online at innovation now dot US.

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