Vladimir Putin declares war on rap music


We end today's program in Moscow. Vladimir Putian has declared war on hip hop. Swell. Some would we? The journal was by husky one of the Russian rappers who's recently been arrested while Vladimir Putin wants praised urban music for shawnee allies on social issues, the Russian president has heard enough descent. He said that with rap music now firmly part of Russian culture, it's up to the governments to manage it. And several artists have had their concerts cancelled since October which joining me on the line from Moscow discusses the af correspondent te'o mirtz a welcome to the program te'o. What exactly has gotten on Putin's nerves? Well, we're we're talking about Putin's war on rap on north shore that some thoughts exactly true. He said that the the Kremlin has to step in and play a more active role in indicting rap because this uses to try and to try and shut it down. Because like you say is is the the Russian cultural see now, I think what has. On his nerves is that. Wrap is a dealing sometimes explicitly with with politics, husky has has spoken about the political situation in some of his wraps. But it's moved that they're talking about the social situation statium problems, which are becoming a bigger, and she and becoming more of a worry for the for the Kremlin, especially among young people that they're let show how they can how they can manage this generation. So I think that's the issue that it is the young people's medium, and they're not really show how to how to deal with it. The I I suppose, hey, pal pays 'em. Perhaps I won't say unique, but among all art forms, and may aren't forms of do try to highlight social issues and criticized the establishment, this is one that's probably speaking more to the younger generation. Absolutely true. And there these concerns with the with the younger generation because it's obviously a group of people that have grown up with the internet say they've got lots of outside influences apart from state media in the TV channels should very much on the on the Kremlin control. And they've all say if your if your an twenty twenty five and under hair, rarely you. I ne- really remember piece in being president. So you've you've grown up in a in a time of great stability. So they have these concerns like people would he was slightly older about the ninety nineties in about the clumps at this of union about what happens when this is about a change of power or change of regime. That means a lot of older people are very concerned about the idea of teaching leaving that it that much more eighteen to the to the idea of that being some someone you in the Kremlin some some something new in in. Cianci russia. So I think that's the that's Paul at the Kremlin concern is. Well, choked to me about the scale of the this clampdown because mean several concerts have been cancelled. And even the rap we're hearing from earlier arrested. Yeah. There's been a couple of those been a couple of dozen comes to council Meister Richard bean in the last month, as I say, there is a sense. This is increasing hausky with was recently arrested. So you sort of it's come to the fore now was going on with with rap music. Hip hop music. I think his will say really compatible to what's happened over the last year or say with this crackdown on online activities the being people arrested for Schering's, apparently humorous maims online. They they'd been arrested or prosecuted under the same laws that these concepts of being a sense be canceled on these extremism, Lois. Which very thank

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