Josh Gordon, Rick Pitino And CBS discussed on Jim Rome


Josh Gordon has struggled over the years with substance abuse and mental health and is issues have resurfaced as the patriots wide receiver announced. He's taking a leave to focus on his well being there also reports he's facing another suspension for violating the terms of his reinstatement onto the NFL's drug policy. Rick Pitino is not the retiring type ESPN reports the former Louisville coach as reached deal to become the new head coach at Euroleague power Keiko's after an awful start. The rockets are climbing the standings in the Western Conference there now seven and one five in a row and look to keep their winning streak going tonight Miami last night, Chris Paul and company connected on an NBA record twenty six three pointers. You have a lot of threes in this crazy twenty two twenty three. And I had no clue we had that many fans. Started channel three we got. It's cool in the door together as a team guys to get in to to do it. Also tonight, the clippers host the Mavericks and second ranked Duke means twelfth ranked and unbeaten Texas Tech in Madison Square Garden. I'm rich Ackerman. The fifth annual CBS sports classic this Saturday afternoon. Three eastern noon Pacific on CBS sports radio. When Michigan sports news breaks, turn to sports talk. Ten fifty WJ ticket JJ dot com. From.

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