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STAN Van Gundy is with us and we have been remiss. Okay. And I'm sorry standing Gundy is not said anything anywhere on any of ESPN's one million platforms about the Anthony Davis situation. I don't know what he thinks. So let's begin their stand. You saw that happen. And you thought what? Well, a few things I think first of all I think fans and everybody else can be assured that nothing like this will ever happen again with a player publicly requesting a trade that fifty thousand dollar fine on Anthony Davis will only makes twenty three and a half million year, the deterrent value there. So sick so strong. This'll be the last time this happened. So I think you can be assured of that. I it's sort of amazing me the the resentment that's out there by a lot of people both fans and media about this whole issue of the players are controlling where they wanna play in who they wanna play with. And he's forcing his way to LA in the whole thing. And I'm just wondering why it it's so upsetting to people that someone would try to take control of their own careers. I mean, most people do that. But for some reason with players, and I think we know in the NBA that a big part of it is race. But people get very upset about the players controlling this thing. And then I love the the last thing is I just love all the trade talk because people want the super teams, and so the trades they propose like Boston. You would get either Jason Tatum or. Jalen Brown in Marcus smart in a in a pick. That would be great. And then the guy right? Imagine what Boston would have. Yeah. But New Orleans isn't going for that, you know, and that the Lakers might have to throw in Brandon Ingram with with Lonzo ball, and Kyle Kuzma might this guy's one of the players in the league. And then my favorite line from one of the articles is he wrote about some tradenet forget, which one that New Orleans would be well within their rights to ask for player. A and b New Orleans can ask through over the hill. I want to ask for their within their rights. It's almost like people have this idea that New Orleans has an obligation to accommodate Anthony Davis. Look what Anthony Davis did in Rich, Paul? I have no problem with as a matter of fact think it helps the teen in a way because they let them know right away. New Orleans can trade him to anyone they want to trade him to he's got this year and next year. They don't have to limit themselves to anywhere that he wants to go and they're going to make the best deal for themselves. And I personally don't think they'll probably make it by the trade deadline. They increase relaxing yesterday. They should ask for LeBron. Well, you know, what that's where you would start him. I think people talk about Boston you'd start with kyri. And then and then if not basically for Anthony Davis, you if you're going to protect one guy, you basically have to offer up everything else, particularly now at the trade deadline.

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