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WGN p twenty four seven news desk. An police officer is expected to recover after being shot late Friday night during a traffic. Stop officials say the gunman who was also shot has died. Police have identified the dead gunman as twenty year old attrition Miller while naming the driver as twenty one year old Jessica Lawson Arlington police, Lieutenant Christopher cook tells WBZ we're still praying for a full recovery using very serious condition. Still Arlington police said an officer pull lawsuit over for failing to use a turn signal. The officer claimed the smell marijuana in the vehicle with three others all males in the vehicle. Police said the officer also called for backup wants to additional officers pulled into the parking lot. They asked the driver and a young man Miller sitting in the front passenger seat to step out of the car. Police said Lawson complied, but Miller started a Ron pulled a gun shot. One of the backup officers. The officer who made the initial stop returned fire and hit Miller. Former San Antonio mayor Houlihan Castro. Is jumping into the two thousand twenty presidential race. I am a candidate for president of the United States.

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