Sony Open 2019: Matt Kuchar and Andrew Putnam in the Lead


You'd put money on. Okay. So think about that. We'll have a big three and a little three. We'll have the first three and then four through six on the world rankings court should probably going to pick the top three guys on the world rankings for your big three. But you know, after that and after the last two weeks, I'm not sure I'm not sure if there's truly a big three, well, we'll talk about this about sure if there's really a big three then we will take calls. I want to hear other people's big three and we're gonna play some interactive trivia to question next next segment, but to numbers five one two eight three six zero five ninety before we get to the break. I want to get your thoughts on the Longhorn basketball game today. Ben and talked about it and a lot more. We're we're galette. They were gained. They led at halftime. But they still can't get it done in crunch time. And the longhorns it's not getting better because they have Kansas next Monday. Then they have Oklahoma Saturday than they've got national right tissue the following Wednesday. This is. Is a tough tough road to hell for shocker smart asset something jokingly to to cart bowls about is the big twelve the worst conference offensively in the country. Or is it the best conference defensively in the country? And I think the answer may be the first one. You know? I just think there's a lot of teams that can't hit shots. And I do have a problem with shock at coming out of timeouts. Other coaches seem to be able to have a play that works. I bet tech scored. And now they scored three baskets out of timeouts onset plays inbound place inbound plays, and I don't think Texas did. Yeah. And that's, you know, six points here. That's the difference in the game. How 'bout that crowd today too? I thought tech was very loud tech had a lot of a lot of support there. Yeah. And it really strange because you only usually here that when it's Kansas when Kansas comes or when the aggies user baggy fans, but I thought it was unbelievable today. How loud the Texas Tech folks were and quite frankly shame on you. You people who've got season tickets who sold prime seats to Texas Tech people because Texas Tech folks, they weren't all of the project like the Kansas, folks. Usually are they had a ton of people in the lower floor. They did they had a lot of people in there. And this this arguably was the biggest game of the year at home for Texas. I'm in Kansas will be a big game. But, you know, text number four in the concrete eight in the country. Somebody said they were four and one of those other polls. Sure sure that they call it. And they've only lost one game. But. But how about the Texas Tech job that Chris beard has done a former Longhorn, Texas, actually, really and lost his two best players that graduated. Yeah. And he lost a play early on today. With an ankle injury walked off the court butter. What a job he's done. He really good. Okay. When we come back. We're going to talk about who are your big three in golf. Now. Let me just say this. I'm not sure if there is a big

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