All The Other Hominins Are Extinct


Lot of human beings almost sapiens. And I close relatives are called hominids all hominids except us or extinct. They include homo erectus that populated Asia starting one point eight million years ago, homo habemus that appeared about two million years ago in Africa, homo fluorescein, says a tiny three and a half foot tall homonyn that live on floors island in Indonesia than the end of those who appeared more than four hundred thousand years ago in Eurasia and others how come only homo sapiens. Survived yale. Well, many ideas have been suggested about that done in two thousand eighteen to anthropologist mater review of recent data on the geographical dispersal of hominids and found that their analysis supported the theory that homo sapiens, is special because of its ability to adapt to a wider range of environments than any of the others. Former them their analysis of the distribution of known fossils showed that the other species probably had more restricted environmental ranges, although early hominids spread widely into Europe and Asia, their fossils are mostly found in areas that were tropical forests at the time homo. Flora sciences was restricted to one island the knee and earth all spread more widely and hunted large game on the northern Eurasian. Steppes Sylvan home associates spread to wider range of environments than these. Yes. Homa sapiens. Inhabited these areas and many others, including extreme environments like desert's, the Arctic and high altitudes like the Tabet in plateau where fossils of other hominids haven't been found. The researchers called our ancestors generalists specialists because they specialized at being able to adapt to living almost anywhere. More from Indiana University. I'm Don, I NIA Cassandra.

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