Facebook removes fake accounts and pages tied to Russia


Man who spent more than forty years in prison. Jonny Lee gates has been in prison since one thousand nine hundred seventy seven after he was convicted of murdering a woman in Columbus, Georgia. Now. A judge has ruled the sixty three year old man should get a new trial because testing fouled is DNA was not on key pieces of evidence, a belted necktie used to Biden gag the victim were filed in a case file in a prosecutor's office of the summer of two thousand fifteen gates was a niche. Really sentenced to death. But it was changed to life in prison because he was found to be intellectually disabled, Jim, Chris, cillizza. Bs lose a federal appeals court panel has lifted a lower court ban that prohibits Texas from eliminating Planned Parenthood from the state's Medicaid program fifth circuit court of appeals issued the ruling in New Orleans the decision lifts say preliminary injunction issued by an Austin judge on the state of Texas in February of twenty seventeen. WBZ news time ten thirty five.

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