U.S. sues to block Philadelphia safe drug-injection site


Is going after the nation's first plan supervised drug injection site. Philadelphia's Kensington section by filing a civil lawsuit by w Steve tower reports Swain feels duty-bound to enforce the rule of law while the safe house for those struggling with opioid addiction may baggers with good intentions. US? Attorney Bill mix Wayne call safe injection sites fundamentally illegal his long promised. He won't look the other way if safehouse wants to operate an injection site, it should work through the democratic process to try to change the law. Mix Wayne says they shouldn't expect prosecutors to turn a blind eye to wholesale illegal behavior. Mix Wayne asks how much political support do injection sites. Have none. He says he points out neither congress the Pennsylvania legislature. The attorney general the governor nor city council, and he tried mayor Kennedy for supporting the concept and DA Krassner is blessing the Philadelphia mayor's office publicly endorsed the idea of opening an injection. Site and Philadelphia district attorney Larry crasner pledge not to bring charges against those who fund operate or use such sites. Mix Wayne calls the lawsuit a moderate incremental reasonable step in response to what safe houses doing Steve Taiwa,

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