Michael Flynn asks judge to let him avoid prison


Unclear. The salient was on a police watchlist flagged as Patel. Essentially radicalized Strasbourg came to the European Union's parliament remained on down overnight and residents have been warned to stay vigilant. France's interior ministry says police had attempted and failed to arrest. The gunman earlier on Tuesday for an attempted murder. And that this may have triggered the attack for NPR news. I miss me Nicholson in Berlin. You're listening to NPR news. There's been a moderate earthquake in Tennessee this morning. The US Geological Survey says the tremors magnitude was four point four, and it was centered in eastern, Tennessee. It could be felt in Atlanta. The first quake was followed. A few minutes later by three point three magnitude aftershock, the final version of Congress's farm. Bill is out and it legalizes industrial hemp harvest public media's Esther honing explains that will bring stability to farmers and states that are already growing the crop thirty nine states already allow for the cultivation of hemp, and there's currently more than twenty five thousand acres devoted to the crop. In the US federal legalization is a boon for producers of CBD oil, which is derived from hemp and used from additional purposes, Kristen Kuna gross hemp in Colorado and says federal legalization gives her and her husband the confidence to invest in their farm. We just feel a little bit safer that we are going into a legitimate business. And there is going gonna be room to grow and to do what we've always been wanting to do the farm Bill would allow each state to oversee local hemp cultivation for NPR news. I'm Esther Hoenig in Greeley, Colorado. A Canadian court has granted bail to Chinese business executive mung Joe of ten million dollars. She and her company while we technologies are suspected of selling equipment to Iran in violation of US sanctions American. Authorities would like to have her extradited to the US separately an international think tank reports one of its officials a former Canadian diplomat has been detained in China. I'm korva Coleman. NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include L, D, entertainment and roadside attractions with Banus back starring Julia Roberts as a mother whose son unexpectedly returns home Christmas. Also with Lucas hedges. Now in select theaters expands December fourteenth. Steve Inskeep is going to speak with Trump supporter. Chris Buskirk Buskirk runs. The conservative publication American greatness. And the conversation will be about President Trump possibly being linked to a film of campaign finance violations that story just ahead on morning edition also had an Alabama policeman. As you may know recently killed a young black man is he ran away from shooting in a mall. The was legally armed but police figuring out who the quote, unquote, good guy is in chaotic situations can be difficult. A closer look is coming up on morning edition.

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