Panthers owner David Tepper told reporters that quarterback Cam Newton sitting out the entire 2019 season could be an option


The other item. I want to get into his Cam Newton. Now, David Tepper Ono for the Carolina Panthers. Basically alluded to Cam Newton maybe possibly having the sit out the next season. Just so they could prioritize getting him one hundred percent healthy. I love Cam Newton. Cam Newton is a star athlete stud athlete. But one could argue Cam Newton. They really learn how to throw the football until the season. When north Turner was his office coordinator because he's complete six sixty seven percent of his passes this year, whereas throughout his first seven years in the National Football League, he never completed better than sixty percent of his passes. And even that was only one time at sixty percent. So I'm not talking about moving off from Cam Newton in terms of all my Lord. He's finished he's done, etc. Etc. I'm talking about a plan b. You know, it was Cam Newton wanted to run the football when he got popped by TJ watts on over eighty I believe it was against Pittsburgh. All right. And he got hitting that show. It wasn't the same sense. An appearance was six two at that time. When all of those things happen to Cam Newton. We saw that. But it was Cam Newton that insisted on running for boy was Cam Newton didn't wanna take the capable of superman. It was Cam Newton had a problem with coach Ron Rivera for wanting to streamline and dissipate. Those running plays for his star quarterback. It was Cam Newton for that. So is the way you wanna play. But the reality is is that. One could argue. They Cam Newton. Just as a great pocket passer. He's never he never has been career. Why? It eight say ESPN, it's inundate seven to nine three seven seven six about a way, you know, what next year? I mean think about the quarterbacks that are going to be mentioned, Nick foles. You don't want him because he's getting a long term deal. He's gonna have his pick of the litter. I'd say go to Jacksonville, you consider it. You got teddy Bridgewater. You got Joe flacco. One year. Gotta get Ryan Fitzpatrick why Fitzpatrick going to Carolina for the year and do damage. That's okay gets back. What? He was looking pretty damn good until cutter decided to put in James Winston. Worth consideration

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