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Arizona state Appalachian state delivered a forty five thirteen trouncing of middle Tennessee in the New Orleans bowl and Georgia Southern edged eastern Michigan twenty three twenty one in the chameleon. I'm Barbara Kusak. And I'm Susanna Palmer from Bloomberg world headquarters as UK Prime Minister Theresa may prepares to face lawmakers in parliament tomorrow her team is pushing back on claims that cabinet ministers have been working on the possibility of a second referendum on leaving the European Union. A Brexit do over maze education secretary and chief of staff denied there are preparations for a second Brexit referendum. A are denying published reports newspapers that one could be in the works bond. Traders are all but certain the Federal Reserve will tighten policy this week this centers on officials latest forecasts for interest rates and the economy and whether to and ten year yields will invert following the inversion earlier in the month of three and five year yields the ten year note last quoted at yield of two point eight nine percent. The two year yield last quoted at two point seven three percent. Economists say the Federal Reserve could shift gears in two thousand hundred after raising interest rates next week more from blue. Bloomberg's Vinny Del Judas. The fed is titan three times since the start of the year and another quarter point hike is expected Wednesday. Looking further ahead. A Bloomberg survey of economists says the fed will make just two moves next year amid forecasts for slower economic growth depending on March and September Vinny Del Giudice, Bloomberg radio. On the economic calendar this week along with the Fed's decision on interest rates. We get reads on housing starts. Existing home sales, durable goods orders and personal income and spending. Several companies will report earnings this week among them that ex general mills and Nike.

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