Blue Origin Launches Its Space Tourist Rocket For A 10th Time


Real revelations in that book, and you spoke with Michael Lewis. I did about his book and about these revelations even some revelations that he had that weren't included all people you're going to have your mind blown if you're wondering what's going on in the Trump White House in the transition team. And within the Trump administration's how decisions were. Were made. It's really revealing. And we'll get into a lot of those details when we come back, Jane wells and Mark Thompson for Gary and Shannon, KFI AM six forty. Here's Monica Rix and drama teacher at Costa Mesa high school has been arrested in a child sex case police say Brandon niece was busted on suspicion of committing several lewd acts on a thirteen year old boy starting in twenty eleven these has been involved in community musical theater and taught dance at a camp in Newport Beach. He also taught dance at the boys and Girls Club in Tustin and fountain valley cops say because of nieces access to children. They there may be more kids out there who had inappropriate contact with him. A jury has awarded three hundred sixty thousand dollars in damages in an excessive force lawsuit against an Orange County sheriff's deputy Connor Zion. Had slashed at his mom roommate and a responding deputy before another deputy showed up and Saddam to death in two thousand thirteen lawyer for the family, Dan Stormer says the death was found to be lawful. But the jury decided the emotional distress as the man was dying was not fracturing his skull stomping on his head three times. And they put. A value to it lawyers for the defense say it's hard to second guess an incident that only took twenty three seconds. The deputy is now a sergeant and received a medal for his actions at the US court house in Santa Anna, Corbin Carson KFI news. Brought to you by reborn cabinets. A political opposition leader in Venezuela has declared himself. Interim president swellings have been protesting since the dictator. Nikolai doodle was sworn in two weeks after possibly unfair election. Vice president Pence posted a video message yesterday, nNcholas Maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power. He's never won the presidency in a free and fair election. And he's maintained his grip of power by imprisoning. Anyone who dares to oppose him pen says the US supports the opposition leaders moved to assume power and challenge by the widow says he is breaking off relations with the US a nurse in Phoenix has been arrested because his DNA matched that of an an of a baby that was born to an incapacitated patient police chief Jerry Williams says the nurse was responsible for the women's care at the time of the alleged sexual assaults. Road this arrest to the veteran, we owed this the rest of the newest member of our community that innocent baby medical staff say they were surprised when the twenty nine year old woman gave birth last month because she's been in a vegetative state for twenty six years Johnson and Johnson has agreed to pay one hundred twenty million dollars to settle deceptive. Marketing claims general of forty six states accused Johnson and Johnson of misleading. Metal on metal hip implant patients to think the implants would last at least five years people. Also have claimed the metal implants can cause internal issues like groin pain, bone, erosion, and tissue death. The company faces more than ten thousand lawsuits in connection with those claims KFI traffic there is some police activity now happening in bellflower on the Ninety-one. What's the liquid boulevard? Looks like the right lane has been coned off. Things are really busy coming up at six. Oh, five thanks to Becca who called Ralph's saving you time traffic line. Triple eight five hundred five thousand three eastbound side slows down just before you get to the seven ten still this

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