Two on Tri: Do Barcelona Genuinely Want Vela?



He can be allowed to grow a situation like berries. And he's already got minutes before I expected it. He played what nine minutes Kennedy match today for about nine nine minutes. That's a lot more than I thought he'd even get I thought he'd be just part of the first team and they'd gradually integrate them into. So they're already looking and get them. First minutes that's already a win anything that happens with what is a win. Let's keep that straight different scenarios. We losing he broke. He's he's LA Hoya. I don't think that it's the case every anything God bigots Titians for him in your always because your van and also because he's the is Bryce Mexican export ever because he's size dance. Another debatable shirt wanted chunky because everybody's to. We can't find an exempt figure and your inflation will hold on. Not only inflation you have to figure in how much percentage of future transfers these teams. But you go some. Yes, twenty I do not know the actor that comes some percentage just a problem. So let's reserve this bright talk really quickly close to and all that factors into things. Like, dude. I I don't I just can I ask. I'll watching bettys every week and. His price life politic's price is inflated because of where they come from the North American market. I don't know about that. Because I think you could say everybody has a reason why their prices inflated, I say this Argentine guys prices inflated 'cause he's Argentine or Brazilian Mexican guy got sold to injure. What was it price tag? It was lower than license. But lions commands a different market like chew ki- like like villa like Christian pulisic is this market North America. And I'm talking about the US market. And I'm not just talking about Americans because we talk about US market big chunk of that consumers who you have a Mexican American which is what which is why just a Mexican living in in America. The numbers fascinate me. Actually, it's a really interesting study, you spent seventy three million Christian, pulisic and. Two years Champions League Buddhists again this belt. So the numbers, but with this three let me just put this out there. If I was a sharp. If my goal is European club was to capture the American market, you can see this. But I'm air quoting right? I wouldn't be critical is it you win signed Christian for this. If you wouldn't be the first player at sign if I was a smart executive, and I wanted to have people living in the United States care about my team player. I would not saw would not play for the second biggest eight or even the United xactly that's Mexican players on trying to get out with dig lightness know, I fully understand what you're saying. I think it's a very smart thing to do many people confuse the American market would just being American. If you see if you get a Mexican player. Have you got dinosaur? Tuckey you get the American market correct bigger chunk of the American skin any American play which telling that the Mexican market, and when you do that which running on so price should be inflated. Player. Look at. One hundred minutes less much as I love. There's a very short six hundred team Dr goals, thirty nine first-team games.

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