Congo's Catholic Church rejects election results as opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi lands surprise win


Coup. The notoriously unstable African nation has never known a peaceful transition of power since independence from Belgium in one thousand nine hundred sixty former President Joseph Kabila who ruled for the past seventeen years with an iron fist was supposed to step down two years ago, but hung on sparking a political crisis marked by widespread. Protests and violence lately are also called attention to the vote tally of the Catholic church which didn't show she Getty winning either. Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris on Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrials are down one hundred thirteen points at twenty three thousand seven hundred sixty five you're listening to NPR from K Q E D news, I'm Brian watt. A top ranking contra Costa county fire official is scheduled to be arraigned this morning for allegedly stealing narcotics from this workplace. Tara Siler reports on Sunday Martinez. Police arrested Richard Stevenson, the chief of emergency medical services for the county's fire protection.

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