Molestation lawsuit aims to limit San Jose student-teacher contact through social media, texting


To take place between where we are saying there are situations that are unacceptable and also making sure that we're not discouraging supportive contacts. Thank you. That's Heather Latimer. Dean of the Laurie college of education at San Jose State university. She says with the current advancements in technology. There's a need for dialogue involving teachers students and parents about what's inappropriate contact when it comes to teachers student communication after school hours. Chris Edens, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. He killed an eight year old boy and a drive by shooting. And now he's going to prison for life sentences life without the possibility of parole for the man who opened fire in a home family was having dinner. A bullet struck the little boy and killed him. He'd only been living in Pomona for three years after arriving from an orphanage in Taiwan is adopted parents were having dinner inside with

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